Learn Passing Techniques, Body Mechanics,
Creative Play & How to Improve your Range

10 Lessons

2 Workouts

3 Guides

1 Training Plan

Welcome to this course – meet your coaches, and get an overview of the skills, techniques and learnings of this course.

Learn about FC Goa’s Style of Play and the Training Principles used by the club’s development pyramid to create the football stars of tomorrow. 

Get started with the two fundamental techniques of passing. Strengthen your football fundamentals.

An excellent passer knows how to play the ball in the tightest of spaces – we show you two handy techniques to move the ball  around while you’re under pressure.

We teach you how to tweak your body mechanics to generate power for long-range passing.

Learn how to channel your flair with two creative passing techniques that also double as skill moves.

Coach Gavin walks you through an explosive partner based workout designed to sharpen your football actions.

A follow-along workout series with Coach Rob to improve the quality of your football actions. 

As the course comes to a close, your coaches share some tips on play-making.

In a first of it’s kind course – FC Goa and RB Leipzig break down the techniques, body mechanics and football intelligence required to become a great passer of the football. Learn Passing with expert instruction, simple drills and fun challenges.

Instructors: Gavin Araujo, Antonio Pereira, Shane Temudo, Rob Friedrich
Run-time: 14 Video Lessons (61 Minutes)

Course Highlights:

Use every part of your foot to pass the ball

Understand how awareness influences technique 

Train on your own to build muscle memory

Learn how to improve individual technique while working in groups

This Course is included in

Control the ball, create space and dictate the tempo of the game
Aerial Control
Sweeper Keeper
Save goals, master buildup play and control the game with ease
Defend. Attack.
Score Goals.
Become a total footballer
Aerial Control

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